Friday, 31 July 2015

Monthly Goals: August

My mind is boggled by how much happened in July, considering I spent over half of it trapped in overtime shifts in the Real Job. First off, I completed my first, rough draft of Smoke Sky, the second of two prequel novellas for my Dark Sky series, which will be set to be released in early February. 

Released this month were two of my short stories Dismantle and Survivalism, two stories I'm really proud of. I also recieved an acceptance letter for my short story The Maker of Monsters, which will be in April Moon Books' upcoming Spawn of the Ripper anthology.

I was pleased to have an interview with Eden Royce, a fellow female horror author with some great advice that every writer needs to hear. I also had guest posts and reviews for two authors: Aimee McNeil and her debut novel Alluring Song, followed by fellow WeWriWa author Christina Ochs and her new book Rise of the Storm. Christina was also kind enough to review Demon's Daughter, which still has a contest going on.

Now, only the actual goals for this month. Well. I can tell you that there will be lots of editing. First, I'll be editing and completing the next edition of the Blood Moon series. I would have had it done and posted right now, but Real Life caught up with me, and I spent a fair chunk of my writing time catching up with Sawyer, Claire, and the crew of Obsidian Sky, though the story will be up sometime tomorrow. Admittedly, I've been having a lot of fun delving back into the steampunk series, and am looking forward to see how it's received when all is said and done.

While doing that, I'll be going over the sequel to Demon's Daughter and second book in the Cursed series: Dark Divinity. I have a couple changes to connect, but nothing major, and I think a lot of readers are going to enjoy the sequel. I certainly had a lot of fun writing it, and have gotten basically nothing but positive feedback so far.

Also happening in August will be a revamping, and possibly re-writing of another series close to my heart, the Areios Brothers. I've made some changes to the world to make it a more original story, and think they'll really help the series. I like the direction it's going so far, and while I'm sad to leave behind some of the old work, I know this series will flow much better. I've got the concept for the story line for the first novel, but haven't done a detailed planning of it yet. I'm going to be working on the world (I have printed maps and everything!) and hope that it comes together the way I want it to.

Yeah, a lot is going on. More than I can keep up with, actually. But I want to get as much done as I can now, because in a few weeks– weeks!– I'll be going on vacation to places I've always dreamed of visiting. I won't lie– I will be writing on my vacation (I'm never, ever joking when I say that I can't stop), but a lot of my time will be spent seeing sights and looking for more inspiration.

So it's busy times for me this coming month. But I plan to use it all effectively, and do what I can to get more books out into the world.

Keep enjoying your summer! Cheers!


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