Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Monthly Goals: July

June was a great month for many reasons. The most important to me being the paperback release of Path of the Horseman and the full release of the first novel in my Cursed series, Demon's Daughter.

http://www.amazon.com/Demons-Daughter-Cursed-Amy-Braun-ebook/dp/B00Z8BVBZO http://www.amazon.com/Path-Horseman-Amy-Braun-ebook/dp/B00V8YXK6I

Both books have been doing very well, getting fantastic Amazon reviews. Demon's Daughter got a great review on So I Read This Book Today, and I should be getting more feedback within the next couple weeks. I also did a guest post on fellow horror author's blog to talk about my experiences and what I've learned this year as a growing, independent author. I also took the plunge and sent in my entry for the Michael J. Sullivan writing contest. I'm crazy nervous, but that's what you're supposed to be when a renowned, highly respected and adored fantasy author with a massive Kickstarter campaign going on is reading over work that you adore, right?

Anyway, whether my short is selected or not, it was good to test out some new ideas for the series I chose to base my entry around– The Areios Brothers. I've been playing around with some new ideas, and intend to do some more world-building and reworking the stories throughout the month. This will likely mean lower daily word counts (I aim for around 2000 a day right now), but as I've learned quickly, writing is more than just putting words on paper (or typing on a screen if you're going to be technical).

Since I've moved away from short stories for now and am focusing on larger scale projects, my current goals are to complete my current WIP– Smoke Sky– the second prequel novella in my Dark Sky series. Once it's done, I'll be moving onto Obsidian Sky, the final novel in the trilogy. The series will need a little tweaking, but I have a couple readers lined up and am scheduling a release date for Crimson Sky, the first novel, in February. I'm getting fond of the collection of books and stories I've written so far, and would love to see it grow!

The collection so far! Can't wait to add more!

The news might slow down over the next little while, but I still feel like I will accomplish plenty. I'm going to keep up with Teaser Tuesdays on Facebook and 8Sunday posts, but if I'm slow for news on Thursdays I may just post a couple more teasers from my work. Anything could happen!

So that's all, for now! To my fellow Canadians, happy early Canada Day! Everyone else, cheers!


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