Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Blood Moon: Divided Loyalties

Time for some more Blood Moon! Because of the sudden alliance between three characters, this story runs a little longer than the others. I really enjoyed writing it, and hope you do to!

Helena Ardelian never thought she would side with the enemy– twice. Not only is she now working with Skylar Evanson, the runaway Omega from Quentin Troy's ruthless pack, Helena is forced to work with Alec Vermont, one of the wolves who attacked her family over a decade ago and did nothing to stop her suffering at Quentin's hands.

But Helena doesn't expect to be followed by her former employers, the Vigilias. When she's confronted and given an ultimatum– give up the wolves or share their fate as a traitor– Helena must make a decision about what's really worth fighting for...

I didn't intend this episode to run as long as it did. But I couldn't stop writing it. I was having too much fun putting Helena's volatile personality against Skylar's shyness and Alec's smart-ass behavior. I didn't run into as many hiccups as I thought I would, and it was fun to put Helena in a really tense situation.

I'll be focusing on big projects for the rest of the year, but I'll still take breaks to write the Blood Moon series. The end is in sight, but it's still a long ways away. Plenty of action to come before the grand finale!



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