Sunday, 31 May 2015

Blood Moon: Treacherous Howl

 Did the last episode of Blood Moon leave you craving more? I hope so. Don't worry, your wish is about to be granted. And if you think this short will ease up and slow down... then you haven't been reading the series very long.

Being heartbroken at leaving the man she loves, Skylar's concentration has been difficult to find. She needs it more than ever now that she's spying on the Council's greatest threat– Quentin Troy. When she goes with him and his Omega army to gain more followers, Skylar begins to realize that Quentin and his most loyal followers are onto her actions. And when the meet becomes a deadly trap involving dangerous Vigilias hunters, Skylar must make a choice to either fight with her enemy and hold her cover, or escape with her life...

For the longest time, I had no idea what I was going to do with Skylar's story. The more I started writing though, the stronger my choice of idea became. I love how she continues to grow into a tough wolf, even for an Omega. I wasn't going to leave the story without a wild action scene, though even I have to admit that I wasn't expecting the final battle to be as intense or as vicious as it was. Not that I'm complaining– I thought Skylar kicked some serious ass.

With so much on my mind for projects, I'll leave the Blood Moon series alone for a little while. In the meantime, remember that you can read more episodes of the series and other free reads on my blog, as well as snippets on 8Sunday, and Teaser Tuesdays on Facebook. Enjoy!


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