Monday, 30 March 2015

Weekly Recap

I wanted last week to be more productive, though I still got a lot done:

Write and edit Blood Moon 11, prep it for the blog
• Continue open submission calls

My plan was to complete another two submissions, but my issue is that I'm not feeling the love for my current WIP. While I'm close to the end, I realized I'd rather restart with a new concept than push on with one that will have less success since I'm not as passionate about it. That being said, my new idea may not make the final cut, but at least I'll feel stronger about it, which in turn will make me write faster, which in turn will let me move onto other projects.

Post Blood Moon 11 for the blog
• Continue open submission calls (at least 2/3)
• Use BookBaby guidelines to release Path of the Horseman

Yes, Path of the Horseman should begin its release tomorrow! BookBaby has a status page so I can see when/where the novel goes live, so I'll gather some links and post them on the blog on Thursday. Tomorrow I'll follow the guidelines BookBaby's given me and further elevate my reach. Super excited to have this book come out after so long!

I'll also be posting the latest Blood Moon short story and gathering some more open submissions that catch my eye. I want to keep myself busy, though I am aware that I have full length novels that need attention. While I wait for the next round of edits to come back for Cursed: Demon's Daughter, I've found a cover design company with absolutely stellar art that I want to give a try. Once I have those edits back, I'll try working with them and bring Constance and Dro's story to life.

So that's what I've got coming up this week! I'm going to get as much done as I possibly can early in the week, since Saturday is my birthday and Sunday is Easter in Canada. I hope everyone has a great week! Enjoy the weather now that it's actually getting warm! *knocks on wood*


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