Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Blood Moon: Vengeful Bite

Here we go again! The next chapter in the Blood Moon saga is ready to read! I'm so glad I had a stellar writing week last week, since I wasn't sure I would get this installment done. Thankfully, Quentin is the main character in this one, and I tend to write him quickly since he spends a lot of his time breaking things. Or people.

Speaking of, I'll post a warning for this chapter: It's a lot more violent than usual. None of my stories are without battles, but this one is pretty ruthless. I hope this doesn't take away from the enjoyment of the story, but I thought the warning should be posted. Now...

Quentin Troy's plans continue to unfold. He's building an army, captured two Council memebers, and has his sights set on the Omega wolf that his enemy loves. But after one of his soldiers return from a simple battle, Quentin is forced to accelrate his plans to eliminate another Council member. But he isn't going to complain about that. No matter how much innocent blood is spilled, Quentin will make his enemies pay...

- - -
- - -

This is one of the few stories I've written where I've actually cringed at some points. I knew I was setting Quentin up to be a monster, that I wanted him to be vicious and uncontrollable, but I might have done too good of a job. I have a lot of plans for Quentin and his future in the series, especially now that I've hinted that he might be letting the monsters out from the shadows. It's always fun to write the villain, to let them take the reigns and enjoy the bloody ride.

I hope you enjoyed this chapter as much as the other ones, and would love some feedback on the series as it stands right now!

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