Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Monthly Goals: April

March is now pretty well behind us, which means it's time to look back on all I've accomplished, and look ahead to my future goals...

First and foremost, I'll share some exciting news: Path of the Horseman is steadily becoming available! Not only can you find it on Goodreads, but it's also on Scribd, Oyster Books, Bublish, and has also been submitted for reviews to Readers Favorite and Story Cartel along with other marketing firms. I'm waiting for some replies but it will take a couple more weeks before the book is available on a larger scale. Poor planning on my part, but at least I'm learning! As it is, I'm super excited about this process, and the links that BookBaby provided me will definitely pay off.

I completed the first draft for Project Immortality, my entry for the Bond novella being set up by April Moon Books. While I'm feeling good about the initial project, there is still a lot of work to be done. I have a couple more open submissions I want to complete before I get back to it with fresh eyes.

Speaking of fresh eyes, I've completed and sent back the latest round of edits for Cursed: Demon's Daughter and am waiting for them to return so I can give it another read-through and see if it's ready to go. I've found a cover design company that I want to work with, and will be sending them an email in the next few weeks to see what can be done. If all goes well, I'll hopefully have the final version of Cursed: Demon's Daughter ready for self-publishing by the end of May. I'm still considering print-on-demand, though for now I'm going to schedule an ebook release.

As far as new projects, once I'm done my open submissions and the Project Immortality edits, I'll be returning to Dark Sky. I have to go through them with fresh eyes as well, and need to expand the world. It will be a bit of a daunting task, but I would like to complete the entire series so it can be released next year. I'll also stay on track with my Blood Moon short stories and cross it off the list so it's not glaring at me from my To Do List as the end of the month rolls around.

So, as usual, I have a lot to do. And, as usual, I can't wait to get started! Hope everyone has a fantastic Easter! 


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