Monday, 16 February 2015

Weekly Recap

After a stressful last few days at the Real Job, I've been graced with a three day weekend. I can hear the angels singing already. Good thing I only had one goal last week:

• Continue Midnight Sky

Aside from a couple errands and Family Day aka today for us Canadians, I intend to take full advantage of the next few days. I feel like it's been forever since I plowed through the words, and don't know when I'll have this much free time again. So this week, I'm going to put a couple more things on my plate. Namely:

• Continue/attempt to complete rough draft of Midnight Sky
Look at guidelines for March submissions and get ideas going
Continue planning and details for Bond novella
• Send in Cursed: Demon's Daughter edits to editor

I'm close to halfway completed Midnight Sky, so if all goes well I might have it done in the next few days. If you want to read some snippets of what's been going on, you can do so here. Also, if you haven't read them yet, you can read the recent interviews and blog posts I did. For Mocha Memoirs Press, I gave my thoughts about writing horror for Month. For fellow Mocha author, S. H. Roddey, I answered some questions about Valentines day and horror. I have a couple more interviews and even a podcast coming up for another author who will be featured in the Avast, Ye Airships! anthology, which will include my very own Lost Sky. Exciting times are on the rise again!

Hope everyone has a good week, and Canadians enjoy their long weekend!


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