Sunday, 25 January 2015

Sunday Snippet

While I've been very productive this week, that dystopia-prison-escape-love story I'm so excited about? Turns out it's not as simple as I thought it would be. The main trick has been trying to work out scenarios that make sense, creating difficult but solvable problems, and working out an actual escape plan. That being said, I finally, finally, created a storyline that works, is interesting, and will hopefully maintain the parameters of a dystopia society. I'm hoping to completely finish the short tomorrow and send it in, since I have a ton of work and edits to catch up on for other projects, but here's what I worked on yesterday:

(Back story: The main character, Terrick, is a soldier tasked to guard a technician and pilot who were sent to a prison island when they heard of a break in the dome circling the island. When they arrived, they were ambushed and the pilot– Terrick's fiancee– was kidnapped by Saber Kortan, the ruthless king of the prison island known as Perdition. This scene takes place outside Saber's home, which Terrick is attempting to rescue Evie from.)


Saber crouched down until he was eye level with my fiancée. He grabbed a fistful of her hair and jerked her head back. She hissed and pinched her eyes shut, her way of fighting the pain. 
“You’re not in a position to bargain,” he remarked coldly. “That chopper outside the dome can probably only carry three, anyway, right? You’re gonna leave those friends behind and take me to the mainland.”
“No I’m not.”
Saber snarled and lurched to his feet, dragging Evie up by her hair.

As challenging as this short has been (never let anyone say writing a short story is easy), I have to admit that I like said challenge. It's helped me think clearly and soldier on instead of giving up. Granted, this will be a huge kick in the gut if the submission isn't accepted, but if that happens, I can always save it for another time. Who knows what will come up later in the year?

Don't forget to check out some of the other authors who take part in WeWriWa's 8Sunday! There's great work out there just waiting to be read, and we all love getting feedback!



  1. Well, you had me at dystopia-prison-escape-love story. I'm beyond intrigued! Can't wait to see how this story unfolds. :)