Thursday, 1 January 2015

Blood Moon: Cornered Hound

Now that NaNoWriMo and Path of the Horseman is going through the editing phase, it's time to get back to my monthly blog series: Blood Moon. You'll be able to catch up with the series on my blog, but if you've been patiently waiting and are eager for the next story, here's Skylar's...

Becoming a monster hasn't been easy for Skylar. The Council sees her as a risk, she can't control her deadly impulses, and the man she's falling for is keeping secrets for her. Forced into house arrest under the full moon, Skylar fully expects her night to pass by without incident. But other monsters are walking the streets, and they're closer than Skylar realizes. If she's going to save her friends and the man she loves, Skylar will have to embrace her new nature...

- - -

- - -

Now that I've virtually mapped out the rest of the series, I can honestly say that I'm excited for Skylar's progress. It's fun to make her grow and test her new limits, to have her surprise herself when she's fighting for her life. Putting Skylar with Quentin, the monster who helped make her what she is, will be a wild adventure that I can't wait to write.

Hope you enjoy the story! I love feedback, so feel free to leave a comment below!


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