Friday, 10 October 2014

Now Available: Hotel Hell

There were internet related issues over the last few days, which is why Thursday's post is coming today. At the same time, I'm kind of glad I waited, because my latest short story/novella, Hotel Hell, has now been released!

Love the classy darkness of this cover. Definitely fits the theme of Hotel Hell!
While Milo searches for his missing fiancée, Kate, he stumbles across a dark hotel with even darker secrets.

This idea came into being thanks to a conversation about Fifty Shades of Grey. Yup. I've never read the novels and never will, since I don't see the appeal of reading a story where a man controls and manipulates a woman's life for supposedly fantastic sex. This opinion is well known to some of my co-workers, one of whom likes to tease me incessantly about it. He knows I'm a published author and as a joke, we talked about how I should write a story about him as a Christian Grey style demon. My response was that I'd think about it, though not really intending to. Until I did.

All of a sudden, I had this imagine in my head of a suave demon in human skin sitting on a throne in some kind of harem. My next thought was, Where would a man like this work, to have so much power and control, but to also be someone people want to be around? Hotel was the next idea.

I've had the "Hotel Hell" concept in my mind for a long time, and was looking for an excuse to use it. I saw the Mocha Memoirs submission call and decided to give it a shot, though I realized later that the story didn't exactly fit the guidelines. still, I was confident about what I wrote and my gamble seemed to have paid off.

I'm very proud of this story. It's definitely one of the creepiest ones I've ever written. There were points where I would read over what I wrote and think, Yikes, did I really come up with that? At the same time, it was a terrific thrill and is definitely perfect for the Halloween season. You can pick up a copy of Hotel Hell from any one of the following sites:

A huge thank you to everyone on the Mocha Memoir team, especially Nicole, Eden, and Laurel for their hard work with this series. Check out the official press release and check out each story! I hope you all enjoy the novella! Don't forget to leave a review! Positive reviews help boost the sales of books, and make authors everywhere feel loved and eager to bring you more!



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