Monday, 29 September 2014

Weekly Recap

Last week was a great week for me as far as writing. I'm back into the full swing of my Areios Brothers series (it's like I never left!) and was able to complete all of my goals for the week:

Complete and edit Blood Moon 7 then post for review
Continue planning NaNo novel
• Restart Areios Brothers 3

With the weather starting to dip again, I'll be spending this week inside doing the following:

Continue Areios Brothers 3
• Post Cursed: Demon's Daughter chapters 16 & 17
• Post Blood Moon 6
• Edit and review final chapters of Cursed: Demon's Daughter
• Find a cover artist for NaNo novel

Finding a cover artist for my NaNo novel will kind of connect to finding a cover artist for my Cursed series. I'll post the final chapters at the end of next month, but remember that it will be different from the final series, since I'm going to send Cursed: Demon's Daughter to my editor in the next couple months. I just like teasing and letting readers know what they're in for with my work. Besides, it's too late to stop now, isn't it?

Also, my next short story, Dark Intentions And Blood, should be coming out this week as part of April Moon Books AMOK! anthology. I'm stoked about this release and can't wait to read the other short stories in the novel. My story Hotel Hell, featured in the Death's Cafe series by Mocha Memoirs Press is also supposedly coming out at the beginning of October, so I'll update everyone once that happens.

Exciting times are ahead! I hope everyone else has a great week!


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