Monday, 26 May 2014

Weekly Recap

Working full time makes writing difficult, so I had to rely on my phone to put in some new words every day, but here's what else I managed to get done:

• Finish the short story I'm working on and submit it
• Edit Needfire and prep it for release (also, try splitting it up to put it on Authonomy for final review)
• Plot line for Blood Moon 3

The end of the month is coming up so I have a lot of editing to catch up on, but here are the most important projects I want to get completed:

Cursed: Demon's Daughter chapters 8 & 9 edit/post
Hollow Hill chapters 12 & 13 edit and post
• Look into finding a reasonably priced editor
• Edit Needfire and prep it for release
• Plot line for Blood Moon 3

Hopefully in June I'll start getting more instructions on my to-be-published short stories. I'll also be taking a break from Cursed: Damnation's Door to prep Needfire, which I'm going to be really excited to release. That's all for now! :)


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