Saturday, 31 May 2014

Cursed: Demon's Daughter Chapters 8 and 9

The next two chapters of Cursed: Demon's Daughter are two of my favorites, chapter 9 especially. Yes, I caused my main character an incredible amount of pain. But I also think I amped up the stakes and the tension to the perfect degree. Do I sound a little prideful? Yes. Did I have to make changes? Yes. Will I have to make more. Yes. But for now, you can see just how bad things go for Constance and Dro. Spoilers ahead!

In chapter 8, Max, Constance and Dro consider angels, and the Garcia residence gets an unwelcome visitor with awful intentions.

In chapter 9, Constance and Dro find themselves in a trap that not even Constance can escape, and that demons aren't the only creatures looking for them.

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- - -

Even when Demon's Daughter was in its older setting, I knew that Manny was going to die at Drake's hand. It was one of those things where I said to myself, "Yeah, it's not fair, but it's got to be done." Drake is one of the nastiest characters I've ever written. Sometimes you can find a soft spot for your villains, but I don't for Drake. Knowing what I plan for him to do later makes me loathe him, and I wouldn't write him any other way.

Chapter 9 was a blast. I've always considered genuine demonic possession to be one of the worst things that can ever happen to a person, and this scene actually inspired my short story that will be seen in Amok! later this year. Constance has been through hells that readers won't even know yet, but she was always in control of her body, mind and soul. She's never been through anything like this, and it's not something that will ever forget. It was a little bizarre for me to write in present tense rather than past. I've always been a fan of writing like I'm sitting down telling someone an experience that I survived, but it had been suggested to me that I try another tactic to make the scene more believable and less confusing. In the end, it was a great choice, so thank you Kaitlyn and Kevin!

I know that a lot has happened in these two chapters– a death, a shooting, demonic attack, possession, two angels, and a demon slayer, but I promise it will all make sense. Next month you get to meet two of my favorite characters, so I hope you enjoy these chapters until then. :)


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