Saturday, 31 May 2014

Blood Moon: Lone Wolf

Here's the second story in my blog series, Blood Moon.

After the events of Gut Instinct, a stranger comes to town to understand what happened. The stranger has a connection to the murderer, and decides to stick around to see if he can find him, if he isn't hunted first...

- - -

- - -

One of the cool challenges about writing this series is that I'm trying to keep each story readable alone, but interconnecting it to other stories. So when I say Quentin Troy is back, I'm hoping that old readers will wonder by Alec is looking for him, and newer readers will simply consider him a bad man who should be avoided at all costs. Alec is one of my favorite anti-heroes, so twisted between good and evil since he can't deny that he wanted to be like Quentin when he was younger. Alec isn't as horrible as Quentin, but he's no saint. I really look forward to crossing him with other characters, especially since none of them hold him in high regard.

I hope you enjoyed this new chapter in Blood Moon as much as I did writing it. Following up Quentin's story was a little tricky at first, and I think this one will be a challenge to follow up on as well, but what's writing without a challenge?


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