Monday, 2 June 2014

Weekly Recap

Since the end of the month usually means just a lot of posting for me, here's what I got finished:
Cursed: Demon's Daughter chapters 8 & 9 edit/post
Hollow Hill chapters 12 & 13 edit and post
• Look into finding a reasonably priced editor
• Edit Needfire and prep it for release
• Plot line for Blood Moon 3

It feels like a long time since I've completed an entire list of weekly goals, but this week's aren't very big either:

• Complete Blood Moon 3, edit it, send it out for review
• Continue Cursed: Damnation's Door

In other news, I just sent Hollow Hill out for a final review. At least I hope it will be final. Editing is its own special Hell. However, this means I'll have to sit down and do some serious thinking about what I want to do when it's reached it's actual, final stage. Whether or not I want to take Derek and Liam to a professional publisher, or if I want to self-publish. I have plans for the entire Areios Brothers series, which stands at 13 books right now. That's not including the prequel I finished, the short I started, and the one I'm planning. I have to decide what the best option for this series is, if I want to continue putting out there for other representation and face many more rejections (which I don't have a problem with– it's part of the process), or if I want to get more of a name out there by self-publishing. A girl could pull her hair out with this kind of decision. Oh wait, I'm already doing that.



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