Monday, 31 March 2014

Weekly Recap

I've got a big week coming up, but this is all the stuff I got done last week:

• Finish Eternity Blood storyline
• Extend and edit Eternity Blood

Cursed 2 & 3 storylines
Cursed: Demon's Daughter chapter 6 edit
Hollow Hill chapters 8 & 9 edit as well as other edits

Shallow Water edits
• Restart Cursed: Dark Divinity (if I can find time)

I wanted to get back into Cursed and Shallow Water, but editing always takes way longer than you think, especially when you're adding in scenes. This is what I'm hoping to get finished this week:

• New Cursed: Dark Divinity storyline
Shallow Water edits/new scenes
• Restart Cursed: Dark Divinity
• Keep working on Eternity Blood
• Start job hunting
• Turn 25 years old

I have a lot of goals this month, so I figure to take it slow and get what I can done. I tend to write fast, so learning how to pace will be a nice change. After all, that seems to be this month's theme, right?



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