Monday, 31 March 2014

Hollow Hill: Chapters 8 and 9

Two more chapters from Hollow Hill have arrived! And what's even better, is that these are freshly edited chapters that go more into the mythology of this world, Liam's anxiety, Derek's feelings toward Selena, and even a couple monsters. So if you've been reading for the last little while and something seems out of place, have no fear! I'm going to be posting the new versions on Authonomy and Figment, so you'll be able to read the fully edited chapters on there. I don't like leaving readers confused!

In chapter 8, Derek, Liam, and Selena take the perilous journey up to Hollow Hill. In chapter 9, the group realizes that their enemies have their own plans, and that they might have just walked into a trap...

- - -

- - -

Well, where to start? Chapter 8 was probably the most difficult chapter for me to write, because I just didn't know what to do. I had to make the journey up Hollow Hill perilous, even though Derek and Liam have been there before. The Areios brothers can never catch a break, so they weren't going to have a simple walk in the park.

Chapter 9 is a lot longer than it originally was, because I added in Liam's nervousness on coming back. He was very shaken up about going back there, but his need to overcome his fear is stronger than his actual fear.

Derek and Selena's relationship is one of my favorite things in the series (I can't even tell you how many scenes I have planned for the two of them) and I wanted to make it grow as naturally as possible. In all practicality, they're opposites: Derek's element is fire, Selena's is water. He's a warrior, she's a healer. But they aren't like others in their Families. Derek isn't a bloodthirsty psychopath, and Selena isn't a dainty flower. Those differences are what draw them together, instead of pushing them apart.

The end fight scene and reveal of the Mercenary was one of my favorite things to write in these chapters. It was great (for me) to leave the chapter on a cliffhanger. I complain all the time about cliffhangers, but I get why authors write them: they're so much fun. I'm not completely ruthless when I do them (sometimes), but leaving readers with that shocked oh no! feeling is something I can't imagine not doing.

So while I am sorry for leaving you guys with a cliffhanger for a month, but I hope you like these chapters. They were so much fun to write, and I can't wait to share what happens next. Cheers!


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