Thursday, 13 February 2014

"My Sister Had Never Been Normal...""

When I was coming up with Cursed, I had a lot if ideas. I thought up tons of monsters, thought of different settings and scenarios, weapons, enemies, allies, mythology and back story. But Dro never changed. Like Constance, her character, personality, and powers were always solid. I knew exactly who and what she was supposed to be, just as I knew her gifts had to be too much for her to handle.

“There's something wrong with me... Something’s bad in me.”
Wrestling with power, especially supernatural power, is something that I've always enjoyed reading and writing about. I mean, if you have demons plaguing your nightmares and cause you to literally turn into a white-hot supernova, how do you live your life? How can you protect yourself and your older sister, who's bending over backwards to keep you alive and never once complaining about it?

Dro has every reason to be afraid. With demons chasing her and uncontrollable powers, she'd be crazy to be anything else. She aches to know exactly what she is, and is willing to accept that she isn't normal. She wants nothing more than a normal life, even though she knows she will never be human.

Her need to protect Constance is as strong as Constance's need to protect her, if for different reasons. While Constance is all about defense against flesh and blood enemies, Dro is more of an emotional healer. She's the light to her sister's darkness, the sun beyond the clouds. Dro's biggest fear is that she's going to be the cause of Constance's brutal death, and blames herself for her sister's pain. At the same time, she can't stand to be alone. Having said that, if giving herself up meant she could spare the lives of Constance and their new friends, the demon-plagued girl wouldn't hesitate to do it. She's not the major fighter of the group, but I never wrote her to be weak. She just has a different kind of courage.

“I can’t keep doing it, Connie. I can’t keep living with your blood on my hands.”
Dro doesn't say much, but there's no therapist in the world who could help her through all her turmoil. That could be on of the reasons I love continuing her story so much. After all the damage she has done and all the horrors she's suffered through, she soldiers on because if she doesn't, she might give into the haunting nightmares. Despite all her innocence, Dro has a dark side. The ones her dreams keep feeding her. I won't give away any spoilers, but let's just say that trouble is on its way for the pale girl...

If you're interested in seeing more images of Dro or of anything related to the series, feel free to check out my Cursed Pintrest board. Remember that you can read some chapters of Cursed: Demon's Daughter here on the blog. Hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did writing them!


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