Friday, 28 February 2014

Monthly Goals: March

I got most of my February goals done! Yay! I finished and submitted all my anthologies, worked on the edits for my short stories Needfire and Eternity Blood, and finished the first series of edits to Areios Brothers 2: Shallow Water.

March will be interesting as far as writing goes. In a few days I leave on vacation for a few weeks, and will be completely away from my computer. So that means no new words. :'( That doesn't mean no work, though! I'll be spending two weeks reading, drinking, relaxing, and soaking in the sun, but that doesn't mean my creative mind will shut off.

I'm going to do some research over the next couple days so I can finalize the plots for the Areios Brothers. I'm also going to try and get past my writers block for Cursed: Dark Divinity so I know which direction to take it. Hopefully I can get the plot outlines for Elemental Army all figured out, too. And, if I can accomplish it, I'm going to write out the plots for two new series' that I'm going to be working on in the future. I know you probably think I'm crazy for putting so much work into my vacation, but trust me when I say that I can't just shut off for two weeks. My mind's going to wander regardless, so I might as well let it wander while drinking margaritas in the sun and sand!

When I get back from my vacation, things are going to be even more rushed. I've got to start sending boxes across the country and prepping for my move back to Edmonton. It'll be a stressful time, but hopefully the two weeks I'll have will be enough to get it all done. Needfire is almost finished so I'll be sending it out for another review. If I get a lot of positive feedback and don't need to do much work on it, I'll get a cover made up and officially self-publish my first book! Eternity Blood will be next on the list, and then it will be back to Cursed and the Areios Brothers.

This is a big month coming up, but I think I can get a lot of these goals accomplished. I'll consider myself very efficient if I do. Now, if only the weather would be as efficient in heating up...


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