Friday, 28 February 2014

Hollow Hill Chapters 6 and 7

The next chapters in Hollow Hill are a little slower, but they were just as fun to write as the previous ones. In chapter 6, Derek and Liam have to escape from their old employers. In chapter 7, Lilith gives Derek a vivid dream, Selena tells the truth, and Derek and Liam realize they need to return to a place they never wanted to see again..

- - -

- - -

Writing the escape chapter was a lot of fun, especially where Liam was concerned. Sometimes I'll be writing something he does and I just can't help but smile. That same feeling extends later when he talks to Derek about facing their past, whether they want to or not.

Dream sequences are some of my favorite to write because anything goes. Granted, I never give Derek very good dreams, but at least he finds clues to lead him along. That usually means he stumbles across unwanted information, like how Selena's Family has seen the potential for war. As predicted, my favorite part of this chapter was going a little deeper into the bond between Derek and Liam. I never tire of writing about their undying trust and admiration for each other. Liam needs Derek to be strong, and Derek needs Liam so he doesn't fall apart. That's what sibling love is all about, right? Being there for each other and making sacrifices for your your brother/sister when you know it will help them.

The next few chapters will be coming at the end of March, so I hope you enjoy these ones in the mean time! :)


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