Thursday, 9 January 2014

"I have too many demons to kill..."

Cursed has gone through a lot of changes– different setting, different story, different powers, different character traits, different obstacles– but Constance never really changed. She stayed, well, constant. I knew the main character had to be a strong, confident woman who didn't take crap from anybody. You can't be a push over if you spend half your life slaying monsters.

But as much as I wanted Constance to be tough and uncompromising, I wanted her to remain as human as possible. A parallel to her adopted sister who is very clearly not human, but also not as cynical. She's a fighter, used to a life of violence and crime, but that doesn't mean she likes it or that she's naive to what it's going to cost her in the end. She's done and seen terrible things, and her conscience won't let her forget them.

When Constance isn't putting up a tough front or fighting something or someone, she doesn't know how to be with people who aren't trying to kill her or Dro. She's got PTSD and trust issues, always waiting to be burned somehow. Definitely not the easiest person to be around, but she does everything she can to protect the people around her, not caring about the physical, mental, or emotional damage she'll do to herself.

Leticia Dolera, who is a pretty good reference to how I see Constance in my mind.

I love writing Constance. She's one of my oldest characters and one who continues to surprise me when I write her. She's fast, dangerous, and I love pushing her to the limits just to see what she's capable of. I won't give away any spoilers, but let's just say... lots.


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