Thursday, 2 January 2014

How I Was Filled With Hollowness

When NaNoWriMo came around, I had no clue what to do. I couldn't use Cursed or Agents of Limbo because they were already written by the time November rolled around. I'd never done NaNo before, and I wanted to do something that I was going to love. 50,000 words in a month is a crazy big hurdle, but when I'm writing about a story I enjoy, I can write faster. My thoughts flow down through my arms into my fingers and then into my word processor. But what to write? What to create to challenge myself, interest other readers, and possibly send to publishers, editors and agents? Couldn't do vampires, couldn't do demons, couldn't do steampunk... But what else do I love?

Greek Mythology
Yes, boys and girls. Greek mythology has been part of my life since at least the sixth grade. I still have my first ever Greek mythology encyclopedia/story collection on my book shelf. Yes, it's falling apart. Yes, I still read it. Yes, I still love it.

Don't get me wrong– I love mythology from all over the world. Egyptians, Hindus, Asians, Celts, and the Norse have fantastic stories and I draw a lot of inspiration from them and their monsters. Having said that, Greek myths always kept my attention wrapped. Whether it was Perseus fighting Medusa and the sea monster to rescue Andromeda, or Persephone's tragic tale in her marriage to Hades, or the heroine Atalanta kicking ass against the Calydonian boar, Greek stories just absorb me. I love them because they're endlessly creative with their monsters (Manticores and Chimera, anyone?), and the ancient Greek gods have no shame. They saw what they wanted, they took it. End of story.

Look at how badass this is!

I've been wanting to write a story revolving around Greek mythology for years. I thought I almost had one idea where the main character was a young woman who suffered from amnesia after falling in the river Lethe and forgetting that she was a Fury. Yeah. But it didn't pan out I just couldn't figure out anything past the opening scene.

Then I was thinking about the descendants of the gods, kind of in the vein of Percy Jackson and the Olympians. I started wondering what sort of powers they would have, what their lives would be like if there were real witches running around getting into and causing trouble.

Enter Derek and Liam. Once I started thinking about the world, I started thinking about who would survive in it, especially when I decided to throw in the Inquisition. Witches would have to be tough, strong, powerful, and independent. Not to mention dangerous. Ares might not be my favorite god, but he fit Derek and Liam's personalities perfectly. As for creating conflict, well, that was where Selena came in. I didn't really come up with a storyline until I knew who she was going to be, aka a Titan descendant. Ares and Selene never crossed paths in mythology, being complete polar opposites, which is why I knew she would be the perfect counter to Derek.

For those of you who are up to date on my chapter postings, you also know that Selena has given the Areios brothers reason to believe their sadistic father is still alive. I was inspired by the image of The Dragon Slayer by Mr. Ripley and a piece of art from Dishonored: The Brigmore Witches. Those two played around in my mind until I realized what I was going to do with them. Not gonna let you in on what the big surprises are– there are still a lot more chapters to go– but let's just say that Derek, Liam and Selena have their work cut out for them.

I wasn't expecting to fall in love with Hollow Hill and the Areios brothers as much as I did. Once I started writing them, though, I was lost in their story. They were easy to work with and I built a world that I think was unique and interesting.

Am I going to continue with the Areios brothers? I'm ready to say yes. After I finished Hollow Hill, I knew I loved the story too much to let it go. It might be a while before I set out a clear plan of what my warrior boys are going to do, but I have some scenes in my head that I just can't shake. No, I won't tell you what they are. No! Don't ask me! Not even in the comments! Don't you do it...

If you're enjoying Hollow Hill as much as I am for writing it you are awesome you can find the finished project on Authonomy. Of course, there will be more chapter postings at the end of the month. And in case you were wondering... My favorite Greek god is Artemis, my favorite heroes are Achilles and Atalanta, my favorite monsters are the Chimera and the Manticore, and my favorite myths are Persephone's story, Atalanta and the boar, Achilles, Patroclous and Hector, and Perseus slaying Medusa and the sea monster to rescue Andromeda.

If you're interested in seeing more images that inspire me, check out my Hollow Hill Pintrest board!


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