Monday, 30 December 2013

Hunting Spree

The last couple days have been busy for me- I spent some much needed time with my best friend, her fiancee, and their adorable pets who like to box each other (seriously, who needs TV when you have a hyperactive puppy and a playful cat?), stayed the night, then was invited to her family dinner to catch up, went out for dinner with my family, and watched The Hobbit and ate junk food with my mom. I figured I might as well indulge one last time, since I'm going back to Hamilton today and this is when the calorie crunching starts. Well, maybe I can hold off a little longer. There is New Years Eve to consider.

I meant to post this yesterday but obviously ran out of time, so here is the final story in my Agents of Limbo Christmas series.

The synopsis:

Leon's fun night of Christmas hunting suddenly turns into a fight for survival...

- - -

- - -

This was another one of those stories where I had no clue what I was really doing until I started it. I'm a seat-of-the-pants writer, but as soon as I thought of a winter paintball expedition, the rest kind of wrote itself. Having said that, the entire plan of the series was to find a way for Leon to give Jace his tanto knives as a Christmas present. I was going to have him get them from an arms dealer, an enemy, then a collector, then an arms dealer again... let's just say it went back and forth for a long time. I had this image in my head of Jace opening the apartment door to see Leon standing there, covered in blood and smiling, holding out two blood-soaked tanto blades and saying, "You better like these," before passing out from the fight he went through to get his brother the perfect gift.

It might not have turned out exactly as I planned, but it was a fun story to write and I think it's a good fit for the end of the year. I really hope you enjoyed this series of shorts! This might be goodbye from Leon and Jace for a few months while I work on Cursed and plan the future of the Areios Brothers, but I'm ready to work on them and get them out there. Agents of Limbo is my baby series after all, the one I love more than any of the others (shhh, don't tell them!). They're not going anywhere anytime soon.



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