Monday, 18 November 2013

Weekly Recap and The Next Steps

It has definitely been a productive week for me, even though I haven't been posting much to the blog lately. Last week's goal was easy to finish, but this week's goal is a little more challenging:

• Complete Hollow Hill and NaNo

With Hollow Hill nearly fully completed its first draft, I've been thinking about where to take it from there. And I don't just mean as a series. Oh, I would have no problem continuing on and while I won't give anything away, there's more than enough for me to continue Derek and Liam's adventures. But right now I'm thinking more along the lines of publishing.

I found a couple great articles about getting your NaNo novel published, as well as what to do if your story isn't accepted the first go round. I definitely found both these articles really helpful and will be looking to them for advice when Hollow Hill is ready for its edits.

Bearing that in mind, I'm going to be looking for a digital artist to create a cover for Hollow Hill. I'll be doing one for Cursed once that's completed since I already have some cover ideas in mind, and I definitely think it would help my case if I sent a PDF to a publisher complete with a pretty cover. I'm positive that others have tried this and not succeeded, but you never know until you try, right?

Coming up December, I'll be writing another short story for Christmas. My Agents of Limbo Halloween short turned out to be a huge success. I received lots of praise for it so I'll be bringing Leon and Jace back in time for the holiday season... As soon as I figure out what sort of trouble they can cause during the busiest time of the year.

Another thing that has been going really well has been my story outlines for Elemental Army. When I needed a break from Derek and Liam or while I'm stuck waiting for the bus to show up (yes, universe, I know this is you telling me I need a car, but how about you give me some money first?), I've been working on the outlines for each particular story. So far I've completed three of them in a series that will likely be seven parts long. I gotta say, I've loved writing those out just as much as I have Hollow Hill. I adore steampunk and the world I created for Elemental Army because I really did build it from the ground up. It got to the point where I was about to buy Legos and build my own map of the world. Seriously.

Anyways, this was a longer post but a lot has been going on in my writing life lately. I'm really excited and happy for the progress I've been making and hopefully sometime in the new year I'll have something credible to show for it, whether it's a self-published work or something in an anthology. So that's what's been happening! I'm excited to see what happens next... ;)


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