Sunday, 18 August 2013


I love steampunk. When I say love, I mean, love. I love the clothes, I love the technology, I love the worlds that are created, I love the mythology, I love the elegance and the grittiness... Hell, I replay Dishonored all the time just so I can get lost in a steampunk world. I love steampunk.

So you may be unsurprised to hear that I'm currently working on a steampunk story, but unlike Cursed and Agents of Limbo, this one is in the planning stage. I had the whole series set down a couple times- all the characters were written up, I had what I wanted in the world, I had most of the backgrounds and mythology set up, I even had my maps drawn. I knew the gist of what I wanted to happen, but I wasn't happy with the stories. Something was missing the first time, and the second time around there was too much. But now I'm finally, blessedly happy with the story and what will happen. I'm really excited to start working on it because I really like the world I created (remember the map?), and I'm dying to write one of the characters. He isn't the main character and I won't spoil who he is, but suffice it to say he's pretty wild, and definitely not a man you want to cross swords with. Literally.

So here's the synopsis of the series...

After the Usurping, the Elemental Armies were lost to history. But that won't stop ex-Warden, Marcus Mortera, from searching for them, and claiming their catastrophic power for his own...

Years later, Marcus' eldest daughter, Heather, is desperately trying to escape her ruthless father. Despite the wealth and power she is destined to inherit now that her father is the leader of the Hydras, the most powerful gang in Arcainia, Heather can no longer stand the abuse and torture her father places on her and her younger sister. Heather knows Marcus is up to something sinister, and soon discovers that he plans to find and use the Elemental Armies to end the turf war in Lowville and assume control over all of Arcainia. And Heather knows her father won't stop there.

But Heather isn't the only one looking for the Armies. Her search lead her into the paths of vicious street gangs, dangerous Alchemists, destructive machines, devastating betrayals, and the Scorpion, the deadliest assassin in the world. But Heather will not give up. She will do anything to help the desperate and dying on the streets of Lowville, even if that means dying herself...

Okay, so that synopsis is a bit longer than I intended, but you can probably tell that my mind is exploding with ides for it. So if I'm not currently writing it, why mention it at all? Well, because I like sharing details and progress, and this is something that I can keep you all posted on because I will always be getting new ideas for Heather and Arcainia (remember all that steampunk love?). Arcainia is the first world I've ever fully built, map and all, so it holds a special place in my heart, right next to where I hold Agents of Limbo. In a few weeks I'll post some more detailed progress on everything that's going on, because today is going to be a big planning day for this steampunk series, which I am fully aware doesn't have a series title yet. But I'm thinking on it, don't worry!

Stay tuned for more! :)


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