Saturday, 17 August 2013

Bricks And Mortar

To semi-celebrate finishing up Agents of Limbo 2, here's another playlist. I'll have more updates on editing as well as some more info on shorts that I'll be posting in the near future. Until then, enjoy some tunes! 

1. The Other Side - From First To Last
2. P.O.W. -Bullet For My Valentine
3. The Charade - Serj Tankian
4. Divine Intervention - Taking Back Sunday
5. Burn The Earth - Dethklok
6. Iron - Within Temptation
7. Bricks And Mortar - Cancer Bats
8. Our Truth - Lacuna Coil
9. Lost It All - Avenged Sevenfold
10. The Outsider - A Perfect Circle

Favorite from the list. For anyone who's never seen Cancer Bats live before... You're missing out. They are super fun to rock out to, and also really nice guys. One of the last times I saw them, they were more than happy to sigh copies of albums and my friends shirt.

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