Saturday, 10 August 2013

Follow The Trail...

 I mentioned before that I listen to music when I write to help me focus, so I thought I would share a playlist with you all. A lot of the heavier and faster stuff, i.e.: DevilDriver and Combichrist, I use when thinking of action scenes and slower stuff, i.e.: the A Perfect Circle tracks, to do slower, deeper scenes. It isn't so much that I picture these particular songs playing when I write a scene, or that they have to be playing at all, but it's the speed and mood they put me in that makes me work better. So here are some tracks I wanted to share:

1. Monsters Of The Deep - DevilDriver
2. Lilith's Club- Noisia
3. Closure - Asking Alexandria
4. Follow The Trail Of Blood - Combichrist feat. Brandon Schieppati
5. Fail - Everything Goes Cold
6. Annihilation - A Perfect Circle
7. I Devise My Own Demise - Papa Roach
8. Beheaded - From First To Last
9. Gold Guns Girls - Metric
10. The Fiddle And The Drum - A Perfect Circle

Love all the songs, but this one is my favorite:

*Side note- saw these guys live with Rammstein a couple years ago. AWESOME.

As far as writing goes, I've just finished my work on Cursed 2 and Agents of Limbo 2, and am just about to do some editing on Agents of Limbo 1. Normally, this would be the point where I would be bitching and moaning about editing, but the AoL series is my baby, and I love re-reading and working on certain scenes, so I don't find it as much of a chore as I usually do. I'm almost done the editing phase, so once it meets some approval I'll post the first chapter for you all to read. I've very very happy with it and think you'll enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it.

Speaking of AoL, my next post with be a series synopsis for the whole thing and will explain why I adore it so much. Until then, enjoy some music! :)


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