Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Agents of Limbo

For the longest time, I had two characters named Leon and Jace Spencer who had no home. There didn't seem to be a story that I could come up with that really suited their personalities, and as someone who writes character based stories, this was a serious problem for me since Leon and Jace are two of my most favorite characters that I have ever written.

Vampire mythology and stories are among my favorite things as well. Twilight doesn't count because Twilight is about glittery drama queens. I like my vampires the way they're meant to be: dark, seductive, violent, bloody, broken, and dangerous. So much better than fairies.

Being a vampire myth fan, I'm familiar with dhampirs. Given that there are endless things you can do with that kind of mythology and I am a huge fan of the 'brothers in arms' concept, I came up with the idea that Leon and Jace should be dhampirs and began to build a universe for them, but something had been missing during the planning. I wanted Leon and Jace to do something that no other vampire in said universe could do. After talking to a close friend of mine (I'm still thanking you Kurtis!), this is what I came up with:

Leon and his older brother Jace are the only dhampirs known to exist in an alternate reality of the modern world, where vampires, Wiccans, and humans reside in an uneasy peace. Not only are they the only half-human, half-vampires ever known, they have the ability to travel into the afterlife to put the dead to rest, but can also use the power of passed on human/Wiccan/vampire souls to hunt down rogue vampires, dangerous Wiccans, and vengeful humans. As the peace breaks down and powerful vampires begin to hunt the brothers, they find themselves needing all the power they can get.

That's all very general and a little strange to explain, I know, but the truth is that I've put a lot of work into this series as far as planning is concerned. There are a lot of details and more explaining to do, but I figured I'd share the gist of it all first. I absolutely love writing this series and now that I'm talking about it, all I want to do is get back to work on it. Until next time!


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