Monday, 5 October 2015

Weekly Recap (And A Giveaway!)

Still returning to the mindset of being home and not on vacation (sigh), but I'm making progress. Last week was busy with Mocha Memoirs Press's Fall Into Horror promo, but it was a lot of fun and I hope some good came from it, not just for myself but for the many authors I featured. Any and all exposure helps! I also go most of my weekly goals done:

• Continue Hunt of the Gods
• Write and post Blood Moon 17
• Edit Trick of the Gods

Most of this month is going to revolve around editing, formatting, and planning, which is why the list is so long:
• Continue Hunt of the Gods
• Format Dark Divinity
• Edit Trick of the Gods
Plan details and world for NaNoWriMo novel
• Start contest for That Hoodoo, Voodoo, That You Do

Hunt of the Gods is going really well. Okay, there are some hiccups and details that need to be ironed out, but first drafts are always messes. The point is, I'm having a great time writing Derek and Liam's  next adventure. If you read my post yesterday for 8Sunday, you can probably tell. Now that I'm getting into this new world, I'm coming up with all kinds of exciting ides for future stories. Fun for me, not so fun for the boys.

Having said this, I need to go back to Trick of the Gods and edit it. There are lots of details that need to be put in and certain things that need to be altered, but I feel like this is a stronger story than it's predecessor from two years ago. Time will tell! I don't have a release date planned yet, but it will be within a couple years. I have one trilogy to finish releasing, at least one more standalone novel, and an entire new trilogy with two novellas scheduled to release next year, so I'm pretty well full in that regard.

Speaking of upcoming releases, this week I'll also be working on the formatting for Dark Divinity. I'm expecting the cover art soon and can't wait to see what the amazing artists at Deranged Doctor Design come up with this time. Also coming this month, likely around Halloween, is the release of my latest April Moon Books short story, The Maker of Monsters, which will be featured in Spawn of the Ripper. Check out the cool art for the title page!

I'm sure you're wondering just what the hell this story is about. Well... You'll just have to wait and see! 

Finally, I have another paperback novel to give away, just in time for the month of Halloween! Through a miscommunication (and a little impatience on my part), I have a spare paperback copy of That Hoodoo, Voodoo, That You Do to sign and give away. Entry is simple: Just leave a comment below about your favorite Halloween story. It can be a full length novel, short story, or even a myth or legend. As long as it's a story, you can enter! The contest will run until– you guessed it– October 31. Canadian and US residents only.

Kaz couldn't accept the truth when he heard his brother committed suicide Aokigahara– the Suicide Forest. Convincing his best friend to come with him and help Kaz find answers, he uses a spirit board to contact the dead. But as they begin the ritual, the forest reveals its secrets, and the truth is more terrifying than they could imagine...

And that's that! So, you can see that I just have a couple things on the go. So it's a good thing I like to be a busy writer! Hope everyone has a great week! Cheers!


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