Thursday, 8 October 2015

Progress Report– And DARK DIVINITY cover reveal!

Sorry about the late post– today was busy for this writer, and I slept in for a change. But this is worth the wait, because there is lots of exciting news today! First, the most exciting news... Here's the cover for Dark Divinity!

I'm kind of in love with it. The hard working team at Deranged Doctor Design once again knocked it out of the park. And this is just the ebook cover. Coming soon will be social media headers, banners, postcards, and bookmarks, and a couple more teasers, like what you see below...

The teaser above is from the first chapter of Dark Divinity, which will have its place on my press release/media page within the next week. Real Life is taking up more time than I want to admit, and I'm trying to get through the last half of the Areios Brothers sequel, Hunt of the Gods before NaNoWriMo officially starts. It's crunch time for this writer.

While I'm going to be spending a lot of my current time working on the press stuff for Dark Divinity, I also have the next batch of edits for Crimson Sky. There's not very much to be done, and I've already completed a good chunk of that work. I'm hoping to complete the final edits by the end of the month so I can start prepping it for its February release. I think readers will like it– everyone who has read pieces of Crimson Sky so far has really enjoyed it, and the main character, Claire.

Also going on is my contest for a signed paperback copy of That Hoodoo, Voodoo, That You Do! Full contest details here.

Kaz couldn't accept the truth when he heard his brother committed suicide Aokigahara– the Suicide Forest. Convincing his best friend to come with him and help Kaz find answers, he uses a spirit board to contact the dead. But as they begin the ritual, the forest reveals its secrets, and the truth is more terrifying than they could imagine...

So, that's what's going on! I'm super excited about it all, especially that Dark Divinity cover. I'll be working like crazy over the next week to catch up on all my projects, and there should be some more news in a few days. Until then, have a good night!


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