Thursday, 13 August 2015

Progress Report

While Dark Divinity is with my editor, I've been going full steam ahead with my newest story, Trick of the Gods. Admittedly, there have been speed bumps I didn't expect. But I suppose I shouldn't be too shocked since I'm basically taken an idea I've been comfortable with for years and turning it on its head into something new. This version of the Areios Brothers is a lot darker than Hollow Hill, though I am finding the world a lot more interesting to create. There have been a couple times where I've written a scene because I thought it would be fun, only to see that it doesn't fit with the story. The biggest challenge so far has been re-explaining everything, since I know it a little too well and I have to learn to write with more of an outside eye. But it's been a blast so far, creating new versions of the Titans and doing research on Greek monsters. Definitely no real complaints with this story.

And speaking of reading with an outside eye, I'm looking for Beta readers for the first Dark Sky novel, Crimson Sky. I'll probably try to snag some from the Weekend Writing Warriors circuit, which I'll explain on Sunday's snippet post.

Last but not least, I'm going to be looking at getting the cover art and some other goodies done for Dark Divinity. I'll be going with Deranged Doctor Design again, and it looks like they have a lot more to offer this time, which will be super cool. Since no one entered the last contest I had for Demon's Daughter (sad panda), I'll likely be hosting another one once I have the final cover.

And that's all for now! Short and sweet info, but still a lot going on. Hope everyone's having a great week! Cheers!


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