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Guest Post: Aimee McNeil

Today on the blog, I'm happy to feature Aimee McNeil, author of Alluring Song. I came across Aimee through Cassandra Reads A Lot, a blog that recently reviewed Demon's Daughter, and was intrigued by her debut novel and offered to host her on my blog as well as review her book. I'm over halfway through it, and it's great. I'll have a full review on Saturday, but let's just say that if you love fairy tales with a bit of darkness and danger to them, this is the book for you.

So please welcome Aimee!


What inspired you to start writing?

I don’t remember an actual moment when I was inspired to write. It has always been a strong part of who I am. Even when I was young I remember being drawn to the written word. I enjoy using words to create. I have a chest full of papers and scribblers and bits and pieces of things that I have collected over the years. I really love curling up with a good book, I have always enjoyed grabbing a notepad and pen and just letting myself get creative with my thoughts. My goal had always been to write a book one day, whether it be published traditionally or by myself, it didn’t matter. I just wanted to be able to hold a physical copy in my hands and know that I took a story from idea to completion and share it with the world. I am overjoyed to say I have accomplished this goal. However, it was not until January of this year that I decided that it was time to start sharing my writing with the world. I became a mother at a young age so my writing could never take center stage because of more pressing responsibilities. I am finally at a time in my life where I can focus my energy on producing quality work that I feel confident sharing with readers.

Where did you get the idea/inspiration for Alluring Song?

To be honest I’m not entirely sure how I come up with my stories. They usually start with a random idea that just comes to me. Then I find myself trying to grow it into something more. It usually lives in my head for a while before I can start turning that thought into a story. . Alluring Song started with a particular idea for a scene that actually doesn’t play out until the story nears its end, involving Lorelei’s origin. There is also some Greek mythology influence that I portrayed in the backstory as I developed the plot.  I have a pretty active imagination that is always working away on something, leading to lots of daydreaming.

Who are your favorite authors, and why?

This is actually not an easy one for me to answer because there are so many good books that I have read and the list of authors that I adore for their particular style of writing is very long. The amount of talent in the world is breathtaking and there is never a genre that I shy away from. There is one particular author who always stands out for me because she wrote one of my all-time favorite books, Sherrilyn Kenyon. I love Greek mythology and even tend to take inspiration for it when I write my own stories. I love how she utilizes that magical history in her writing. Acheron was a book that stayed with me long after I read it. Though Acheron is my favorite, I enjoy all her work.

What are your favorite genres, and why?

My favorite genres are fantasy and romance. I love fantasy because I love the escape from reality when reading and writing. Then there is always romance because I am a romantic at heart and adore a good story that pulls the heart strings.

What do you need to help you write?

I love to have quiet surroundings, a hot cup of tea, and music that fits the mood of what I am writing whenever I sit down to write my books. The calmer the world is around me the more active my imagination, which explains why my mind often kicks into high gear in the middle of the night. Sometimes I prefer to write with pen and paper rather than typing, especially in the developing phase. I do my best thinking when I can scribble on paper.

What are some challenges you face with your work, and how do you overcome them?

I am a mother of three and time is always a challenge for me. I have to utilize my time effectively to be productive in my writing. I also have to accept the fact that some days will go by and I will not be able to invest any time in it because my schedule does not allow it. My family takes priority but I know I will always find my way back in front of my computer because of my passion and desire to write. The toughest challenge that I face now is marketing my book now that I have self-published. Some days I feel like I am standing in front of a rock wall that reaches higher than I can see. I know I have to find my way to the top but I don’t have the equipment or experience to do so. When I start to climb, I find myself slipping and stumbling back to the ground. I have to hold on to the hope that eventually I will find some footing and make some progress. Until then I have to be persistent and patient. The biggest help has been connecting with other author’s and talking with others that have an understanding of what I am going through. It is comforting knowing that I am not alone in my struggles.

What is your current project?

I am currently working on the developing plot for another fantasy romance that has yet to be titled. It is still in its early stages but I am very excited about how it’s unfolding. I am also polishing a romance novel that I had written years ago. Romance is a pretty consistent theme that tends to work its way into my stories.

Where would you like to be in your career in five years?

I would like to be involved with a publisher, someone with a better understanding of marketing that could direct me on the best path. I find at this point that a lot of my time is consumed with trying to wrap my head around how to properly promote my book and make it known to readers and thus I cannot concentrate on my writing. I would also like to have further books published. My goal is to release at least one book per year so if that is obtainable then in five years I will have released that many more. Only time will tell if this goal is realistic.

What do you love most about writing?

I love creating something from nothing. I love taking a passing thought and developing it into an entire story that could captivate and entertain readers. I love being in the middle of a plot, developing and entire reality that someone can pick up, dive into, and maybe fall in love with. The idea of people reading my book(s) and hanging on to every word is thrilling. 

Where can we find you online?

Book Links
Barnes and Noble

Aimee McNeil was born and raised in Nova Scotia, Canada, where she continues to live today with her husband and three children.
Alluring Song is her first novel, which she presented to the world after a lifetime of dreaming. Aimee writes fantasy because she does not like to be confined within the boundaries of reality. Other interests include reading, painting, and enjoying every moment with her family.

Alluring Song Intro
Alluring Song sweeps the reader away to a medieval era, where magic and love coexist, and blood is spilled by unrestrained violence. Several points of view are depicted to paint the story in its entirety. This allows the reader to have a better understanding of all of the characters involved, even those on the darker spectrum. The story takes the reader on a high paced adventure with lots of action to keep them turning the pages until the end.

Brief Description
In a world where gods wield power over mankind, testing their loyalties and their hearts, there are some men that will rise from the ashes. This story begins with the sea. A beautiful goddess whose misplaced affection unleashed a wave of torment upon those who had wronged her, creating the means to wipe her beloved daughters from her sea. A mother whose love defied the laws of life and death, protecting her daughter from the demons of her past. A young woman who could not escape her fate or the will of her heart, leading her to embrace a man created to destroy her. Three warriors forged from a curse that has plagued them for generations, one seeking vengeance, one struggling with his nature as revelations shake his beliefs, and one that embraced his need for battle. A queen whose thirst for power leaves a trail of destruction in her wake by her use of deceit and dark magic. And a disheartened king with two sons, one born of love, the other pure evil, with a nature so dark it threatens to destroy all in his path. The struggle for power has begun.

Raised in seclusion, Lorelei is suddenly taken forcibly from the only place she has ever known. Her captors, led by a man named Crewe, become enamored of the fair Lorelei, except the warrior named Ajax, who refuses to accept her innocence. Suspicions lead him to act upon deep-rooted instinct. Lorelei can feel his distaste for her, almost palpable in the air, while she struggles against the confusing feelings he stirs within her. Everything about Ajax appeals to her, while he seems intent on causing her harm.
Ajax, bred from a lineage thought to be only myth, struggles between his nature and the intense desires that Lorelei inflames within him. Her very being causes him to question everything he believed to be true. When Lorelei is taken from his grasp, and her life is threatened, he realizes he will stop at nothing to save her, even if it is at the risk of his own life.
The notorious Teller arrives at Falls Landing, making strategically violent moves against the crown, causing fear and doubt to stir in the hearts of the people. Fueled by a vengeance so fierce, Teller has woven an intricate plan for the demise of the royal structure, the king, and the true target of his hatred.
The once-proud King Brom spirals into the web of lies and deceit his own wife, Queen Peronell, has spun around him. His ability to rule the kingdom comes into question as he encounters threats that infiltrate his realm. The truth of his downfall soon confronts him, and he is left to face what will remain.
Prince Arthur struggles with dark urges that threaten his sanity. His thirst for pain, pleasure, and the taste of blood begin to control him. When his secretive mother reveals the truth of his existence, he embraces his nature, even biting the hand that feeds him. His fascination soon turns toward the mysterious beauty that shows up at his door, and he will destroy anything that gets in his way.
All paths collide, and Lorelei finds herself in the middle of a struggle for power. She must face the truth of her creation, confront the powers that seek her, and face the new world that has forever changed from the protective walls of her forest. The dangers that surround her have been in play long before Lorelei was born, but they have been awaiting her arrival. Lorelei will also discover something that gives her the strength to face all that confronts her, her heart holding the key.


Thanks for stopping by the blog, Aimee! Remember to check out the buy links for Alluring Song and give it a shot, and check back this Saturday for the review!



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