Thursday, 18 June 2015

Progress Report (And A New Step Forward)

This is probably going to be a short post since most of the news revolves around what I've accomplished for writing goals more than anything else. I've completed and sent in a couple short stories, but I don't think I'll be continuing with them unless the concept is too exciting to ignore. I'll go into detail about that right away, but for now, you probably want to know what I'm working on.

First off, I'm waiting and continuing to send out some review requests for both Demon's Daughter and Path of the Horseman. I've gotten some replies, but it might be a few weeks before the reviews are posted. I wish I'd done this sooner, but it's a mistake I'll learn from next time around. One thing I do have coming up to help celebrate these releases is a blog swap. I'm not sure exactly when it will happen, but it's in the wings, and I'm really excited to be hosted on this particular blog.

Now, the short stories... While I won't swear off them, I won't be actively writing them anymore. The reason for this is simple– they don't hold my attention like they used to. Do I think they're a good idea to flex my writing muscles and get my name out there, to learn from a challenge? Absolutely. I'll never apologize for anything I've written, especially when it's seen with success like Dark Intentions And Blood, which earned an Editors Award. But I don't think about them as actively as I do my own projects. The only shorts I seem to look forward to involve elements of longer stories I've written. Lost Sky helped shape the idea of Dark Sky, and my entry for the Michael J. Sullivan writing contest features the characters and the world I've been building for my next major series after Dark Sky.

Though novellas will never be out of the question, I'm a novelist, not a short story author. I have too many ideas screaming in my head to be heard, and every time I think about them, I want to work on them. I can't do that if I pledge my time to short stories that might be accepted. So for now, I'm putting those projects away. Focusing my time and energy on stories that truly give me joy will hopefully make me a more successful author. So stay tuned for more exciting news on these projects, and the excitement that comes with them.



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