Monday, 27 April 2015

Weekly Recap

To be honest, I wasn't sure I would get all of last weeks goals done. I definitely made the most of my time:

• Finish open submission calls for mid May
• Finish edit and formatting for Cursed: Demon's Daughter
• Email cover artist with specs for Cursed: Demon's Daughter
• Write/edit Blood Moon 12
• Work on world building for Dark Sky and go through edits

Hopefully I can make lightning strike twice and will be able to cross everything below from my list:

• Complete Crimson Sky edits, send to Alpha reader, then begin Midnight Sky edits
• Begin promos for Cursed: Demon's Daughter
• Post Blood Moon 12
• Complete first draft and edit through Amber Sky, the first Dark Sky novella
• Look for new open submissions
• Plan and begin open submissions due in June

Though I enjoy finding new challenges with open submission for short stories, I have to say that it's nice to be back on larger projects. I've been adding more detail to Crimson Sky and Dark Sky in general. While I think I'll have the whole series and the two prequel novellas done within the next few months, the series won't start its release until March 2016. I want to avoid any legal issues since the Dark Sky series is connected to Lost Sky, my short story in Avast, Ye Airships!, as the publishers have been wonderful to me. Besides, it gives me truckloads of time to process my edits as well as professional ones, decide on covers, and generally prepare the series for a steady release schedule.

And speaking of releases, I have some very exciting news about Cursed: Demon's Daughter: The cover is almost ready. I've seen the nearly finished product put together by Deranged Doctor Design, and I knew I would be getting something really impressive (I mean, look at their portfolio), and they still managed to blow my mind. In addition to an ebook and paperback cover, I also got a social media kit that should be prepped and sent by tomorrow (this team works fast!), so I'll be posting the cover and media kit on Thursday's post. Gotta do a lot of blogging that day anyway, so I might as well make the most of it!

I'm super excited about all of this, and think you will be to. I'm still kind of reeling with the idea of making an actual paperback book that has been part of my writing for years. Expected publication will be June, no definite date yet, but I'm sure you'll hear more about it soon. Until then, have a great week!


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