Thursday, 23 April 2015

Progress Report

Things continue to run smoothly, projects getting crossed off the To Do List, new challenges, and lots of exciting events on the way! First, I submitted my entry to the Steam Chronicles open submission, and I hope the entry is accepted. I posted a snippet for 8Sunday that was widely enjoyed, but we'll see what the publisher thinks in a few months.

While it was grueling and way harder than it should have been, I also managed to complete most of the formatting and other edits for Cursed: Demon's Daughter. I sent in the design brief to the company I've chosen to work with, and could be seeing the first cover as early as May.

Also completed is the next installment of the Blood Moon series. I've added a Free Reads page where you can catch up on all the other novellas in the series. It's coming along nicely and I have fun with it, and would love to get some feedback in the comments.

Right now, I'm working on the Dark Sky series again. I'm currently editing through the first novel, Crimson Sky, and adding in a couple of religions for the sane and insane, and adding some other elements to the world. Plus, I want to get familiar with it again, as my next major projects include two prequel novellas and the third book in the trilogy, Obsidian Sky.

Last but not least, some great news about Path of the Horseman– it's been getting some awesome reviews on and! Considering how damn nervous I was about this novel, I'm glad to be hearing positive things. Seems like my crazy idea about the Four Horsemen fighting zombies and demons was a smart idea after all!

You'll hear authors talk all the time about how good reviews help sell books. It's very true. When I buy books, I base my decision not only on whether or not the concept intrigues me, but whether or not other readers have enjoyed the story. When I finish a book on Goodreads, I leave my brief thoughts and ratings on it. And of course, I give more in depth reviews on Saturdays. I've gotten tons of feedback from my favorite big name authors who are happy with my support, so trust me when I say that reviews matter to us. Just something to consider the next time you read a short story or book. If you love it, share the love!

Before I get back to writing, one other thing I would like to mention: I planned to create a contest with my spare copy of Avast, Ye Airships! and I will. Since I'm still writing obsessively and want to do something fun, I'm thinking the giveaway will happen in May. It will probably have to do with fantasy-actor casting in regards to Path of the Horseman, so stay tuned!



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