Thursday, 30 April 2015

Monthly Goals: May

April was a great month. I'm now another year older, another year wiser. A lot happened in that month, including some great reviews of my newly released novel, Path of the Horseman. Still super stoked and utterly thrilled that the book is doing so well and that everyone I've talked to has enjoyed it. Can't wait for more reviews to come in and see what other opinions are!

But as you may have already seen, this isn't the only new cover that's made its appearance over the last little while...

Yes, Constance is here, and looking pretty damn awesome if I do say so myself. The crew at Deranged Doctor Design did an absolutely fantastic job on the print cover, ebook cover, and the social media images they provided me. Now I have to do the rest! Basically this just means reading over Cursed: Demon's Daughter one or two more times, and finding a way to change the damn headers. You'd think such a small, hardly noticeable thing wouldn't be difficult to change. But you would be wrong. Anyway, I'm scheduling a release date for early June as soon as I finish the formatting and send it in to Createspace for proofing. Can't wait to hold this beauty in my hands!

My current major project is the Dark Sky series. I've already re-edited the first novel, begun editing the second, and am planning two prequel novellas. Crimson Sky is with my Alpha reader, and hopefully he'll like what he reads so I can continue to work on it and have the whole series ready for a major release next year.

In the mean time, I'll also be working on the few short story submissions that have popped up, including one from Michael J. Sullivan. There are some really great opportunities out there, and I would be insane to pass them up.

So, I'm swamping myself as usual! But I'm on a great roll and I can't wait to keep moving forward. Stay tuned for more news about the upcoming contest to win a free copy of Avast, Ye Airships! I promise that will happen this coming month!


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