Thursday, 30 April 2015

Blood Moon: Apex Predator

It's the end of the month already, which means it's time for the next Blood Moon episode! And trust me– This one is quite intense!

After nearly a decade of hunting, Alec Vermont has finally found his arch enemy, Quentin Troy. But any thrill he might have experienced is crushed when he learns that Quentin ordered the death of his father, and is holding his mother and sister captive. Despite the warnings given to him by an old friend, Alec storms the location in hopes of getting his revenge. What he walks into is a devastating trap that he may not survive without help...

So we're here, around the halfway mark of the series. I couldn't imagine a more distinctive middle ground, with Alec and Quentin finally confronting each other after so long, and Helena playing a key role in this particular episode. I had a lot of ideas for this installment, and enjoyed writing it. The challenge for each episode of Blood Moon seems to be finding a way to make each new story more intense than the last. Doing so after this one will be tricky, but I love challenges.

Really hope you enjoyed this free read. Feel free to leave some comments so I can get feedback!



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