Monday, 2 March 2015

Weekly Recap

While I didn't really cross anything off my list, I haven't been sitting idly. Things have been bustling in this little writer's life. Needfire was featured in a podcast, which you can listen to on Steve Cook's Tumblr, Youtube, and iTunes. Definitely a cool experience to hear someone reading my story aloud. For a moment, I was so immersed I forgot it was my story! Last week also saw the release of Mocha Memoirs' newest steampunk anthology, Avast, Ye Airships!, which includes my short story, Lost Sky, which you can find on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. There was also the showing of my cover for Path of the Horseman, as well as posting the latest Blood Moon short story.

So here's what I meant to do with my time:

• Complete and send in two remaining short story submissions (currently working on the last one)
Begin Bond novella (tentatively called Project Immortality)

Now that things are slowing down (kinda), I'll be able to focus on the following:

• Complete and send in remaining short story submission
Begin Bond novella (tentatively called Project Immortality)

The short story, which you can read a snippet of here from yesterdays 8Sunday post, should be done in the next few days. Then it's onto the next big project: My entry for April Moon Books Bond Unknown series. I know it's a daunting project for someone who will never be a Bond Fan Girl, but I'm tired of it staring ominously at me from my To Do List. It's time to bite the bullet and take the leap. I'm also probably working myself up over nothing. While I have to show respect to the series and its characters, one of the best thing about April Moon Books is that there's a lot of support. All the authors have been communicating to others and helping them out. Though I get the feeling they'll be sick of me by the time I'm done asking my all my questions.

I spent a good hour last night finding new open submissions to try my hand at, so once Bond is done with, I'll move onto those, then return to larger projects.

Rest? Who needs it?



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