Sunday, 22 March 2015

Sunday Snippet

While I've completed the final proof edits and third round for Path of the Horseman and Cursed: Demon's Daughter, I can work on my back log. First on the docket is my submission for Ghost in the Cogs by Broken Eye Books. My entry is about two thieves who accidentally open a spirit box and unleash three ghouls on– and into– a speeding train. I'll have to add some more steampunky elements on the edit round, but I'm having fun with the story and am over halfway. Here's the opening eight sentences for this week's 8Sunday:

“Let me get this straight,” Gavin said, balling his fists and probably thinking about punching me, “you decided to open that box, even though our client specifically told us to never, ever, ever do that?”
“I didn’t think anything would happen!” I insisted. “I thought you needed incense and candles and chicken blood or something!”
The train lurched to the right, throwing Gavin and me to the left. I wasn’t anywhere near as sure-footed as my older brother, so of course I lost my footing and started to fall headfirst toward the glass window. Just before my head was about to be cracked open, there was Gavin, grabbing my arm and yanking me back to safety. He almost dislocated my shoulder doing it, but that was probably his way of punishing me as well. Gavin was a multi-tasker.

I think this idea is really cool, and I'm hoping to start the creepy/character being hunted moment soon. Hopefully it will be enough to get me in the anthology, but if not, it's been fun to write! If any of my fellow Avast, Ye Airships! authors are reading this, best of luck to you! I know a bunch of you were going to give this one a try, since steampunk is awesome and absolute fun to write. Don't forget to check out the other 8Sunday WeWriWa authors and leave them some comments, aka, love!




  1. The last line about multi-tasking is absolutely wonderful.

  2. Intriguing beginning, best wishes with this story. Enjoyed the excerpt, can't wait for more.

  3. I agree with Ed, I LOVE that last line! Great excerpt!

  4. Haha- incense, candles and chicken blood! That's probably what I would have thought, too. Oops.

    1. The moral of the story: Research before you open strange boxes. ;)