Sunday, 15 March 2015

Sunday Snippet

With only three more chapters to go with Project Immortality and seeing how well the last snippet was received, I thought it would be fun to add another snippet of the Bond novella. In this one, the famous spy is having a little trouble against a man injected with a formula that has given him near vampiric strength...

Wasting no time, Bond flipped the medical blade and swung it at the Carabinieri. The bloodthirsty man reacted at the same time, grabbing his arms and jerking him closer for another bite. Bond pulled back, wrenching one arm free and crashing his elbow into the Carabinieri’s jaw. His head wrenched to the side and Bond sliced his left pectoral with the scalpel, but it wasn’t enough. The Carabinieri grabbed Bond by the front of his uniform, spun, and hurled him over the operating table, entirely across the room.
           Bond crashed into the refrigerator with a loud clang, almost certain he’d dented the metal on impact. His back and left ribs throbbed agonizingly, and he had lost the scalpel. A roar sounded across from him, and Bond looked up to see the Carabinieri launching himself onto the metal operating table.

So, our resident super-spy is having some super trouble (couldn't resist). While I've had to make some changes, I should be able to finish the novella by the end of this coming week. Which is great, because I have a mountain of open submissions to catch up on and I want to make sure I don't miss the deadlines. Remember to check out all the other fantastic 8Sunday entries for WeWriWa and leave some comments!




  1. That is one body building cop he is facing.

  2. Love Carabinaris! Great battle scene :-)

  3. I love all o the audio description you included in this snippet. Very well done indeed!

  4. I really enjoyed this snippet; you conveyed a lot in just a few short sentences, and definitely left the reader hanging. Great 8 :)