Sunday, 8 February 2015

Sunday Snippet

The past couple days have been a little slow for writing (curse you, Real Job!), but my weekend is nearly here and I intend to make up for it in full. For this week's 8Sunday, I'm continuing with Midnight Sky, the second novel in my Dark Sky trilogy. Remember how last week there was a hint of jealousy between Sawyer and Riley, and that main character Claire wasn't really taking Sawyer's side? Well, this scene (which I wrote last night), occurs not long after Claire is viciously attacked by the bloodthirsty Hellions. She's weak from blood loss, but isn't the kind of girl to stay bedridden for long. Though she doesn't expect Riley and Sawyer to be tearing strips out of each other, and when Sawyer suggests Riley had something to do with Claire's attack, Riley loses his calm.


         “I thought they were going to kill me up there! They broke me until I was nothing! Nothing! They cut me to ribbons for fun and were going to use me for fuel when I lost value! I didn't think I was going to be saved, and I never asked to be. If I thought she was going to be hurt, you think I would have let her come along?”
         “Nothing would have stopped her, but–”
         “Exactly! If anyone’s to blame for not protecting her, it’s you.” 

Yeah. This scene is fun to write. I've never written a love triangle before, and it's been a fun addition t the story. Especially since I've officially decided on Riley's secret. And oh boy, is it nasty. Anyway, the release of the idea that spawned Dark Sky, the short story Lost Sky, will be featured in the Avast, Ye Airships! anthology in just a couple weeks, so I'm working on helping with promotion. It's going to be an exciting book, lots of adventure and gadgets.

This month is also Women In Horror Month, so Mocha Memoirs has been doing a lot of promotions for their horror titles, which include my own Call From The Grave and Hotel Hell. It's so great to be part of a publisher that takes the time to support and encourage their authors.

Anyway, be on the lookout for more news and promos. Hope everyone enjoys their Sunday, and remember to read the snippets from all the other WeWriWa/8Sunday authors! Great stuff out there!




  1. Wow - the frustrated anger in that snippet - awesome.

  2. The emotions were very raw and heated - well done excerpt, definitely leaves me wanting to know more. I hope they're taking care of the poor heroine while they're arguing about whose fault it was!

    1. Thank you! She's actually just come out of her rest and is watching the whole thing, feeling super awkward. ;)

  3. Tensions are running high! Great 8.

  4. Great snippet, full of tension, left me wanting to know more!

  5. That was an excellent mini-rant. I could feel the character's frustration. Great snippet.

  6. Intriguing! It sounds like her agitation is more than justified.