Sunday, 11 January 2015

Sunday Snippet

It's Sunday again, which means two things for me: One, it's my Friday at the Real Job, and Two, it's time for the 8Sunday WeWriWa snippet!

I've got lots of things on the go (you should see my list for this month– it's now nine projects long, and that's not including the three short stories I need to think up for open submissions I'm interested in trying to do), but I like to think it will keep me busy. I'll share said list tomorrow for the weekly recap, but for now I'll give you another taste of the troubles Helena has been getting herself into in my current WIP, Blood Moon: Honor Code, picking up where we left off...


         “We’ll find you soon. Geoffrey wants a little payback for that nasty slice you gave him.”
         I cringed, tightening my grip on the knife. I knew if this Geoffrey attacked me, it’d be with his claws. I knew all too well what those felt like. I had a scar along the left of my face that served as a constant reminder.
            But the threat didn’t scare me. I’d been a Vigilias hunter for thirteen years, so I knew how to take care of myself.

And yes, she certainly can. I'm currently on the final stages of the first draft. I should have it done by Monday, though the actual story won't be available to read until the end of the month. But remember that you can read the rest of the series here on my blog, or on Figment. Also, don't forget to leave some love for the other WeWriWa authors on their blogs and websites! We love feedback!




  1. Great POV and snippet! I can definitely sense the tension in her character. :)

  2. In eight short we learn a lot about your heroine and already I like her.

    1. Thank you! I really like her as well and how she developed and changed in this short story... which I literally just finished! ;)

  3. She's spunky! I like her!

    Sounds like she doesn't know exactly who Geoffrey is, which brings up questions. How did she slice him? How long ago was it? Excellent way to hook the reader.

  4. She certainly does seem strong and willing to take risks, which I like. Excellent excerpt!

  5. A strong heroine! My faves... :-) Good 8!

  6. Some interesting tidbits of backstory here. I love the idea of scar as reminder and her feistiness. Great snippet!