Thursday, 22 January 2015

Progress Report

With so much going on, I think I'd give an update on everything coming soon and what's going on right now:

Path of the Horseman is done its edits and now only has the formatting and the cover to be completed. My artist is having technical difficulties, but I'm hoping to hear back soon to have a definitive date set. I should be setting it next week, unless something else comes up. Technology is great, except when it isn't, right?

The last two short stories I wanted to try are in various stages. One of them took less time than I expected, and will be finished the rough draft today with edits starting tomorrow. The second short story, which has a snippet posted here, is taking a different turn. My original idea, while I loved it, had too many conveniences and obvious questions. I'm going to maintain my original idea– a dystopia-prison-escape-love story– but change things up to make it more difficult for the main characters. That story will be started today and hopefully completed by the end of the week.

If I can squeeze in the time, I'd also like to finish my edits for Lost Sky, my upcoming short to be featured in Mocha Memoirs Avast, Ye Airships! anthology. I've gone through some of it (not panicking like my editor advised me!), and now just have to work on the trickier story elements. That being said, I'm grateful they're being pointed out. Not only will it help my story, but it will give me insight as to what I can do when I begin the sequel in my Dark Sky trilogy, which I hope to start next month.

I've also sent in my synopsis and story details to April Moon Books for their upcoming Bond novella series. Yes, as in James Bond. I can't remember if I've mentioned this before, so I'll give some exciting details now:

The same publisher than released the AMOK! and Stomping Grounds anthologies, both of which feature shorts by yours truly, is working on developing a series of homage novels to arguably the greatest spy of all time– Ian Fleming's James Bond. Of course, this is April Moon Books, and there's an obvious twist– combine in a supernatural or Mythos element to the series. Now, I'll be upfront: I'm not exactly knowledgeable when it comes to James Bond or Mythos. But the idea practically screamed for a chance, and I'm willing to take it. I won't give away a ton of details right now, but I'll tell you that my story involves James Bond taking on a vampire virus. No, this isn't going to be like the vampire virus in my dystopia novella Needfire. Vamps might be my go-to monsters, but I latched onto this new idea and can't wait to give it a try. I'll keep you posted when I get started, hopefully in the next month as well.

See? This was enough for an entire post! And more is on the way! I love being this busy, and now truly dread going to the Real Job. But I'll find a way to get it all done somehow, and can't wait to share the results with you all!



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