Thursday, 8 January 2015

Newly Accepted And Endless Possibilities

So here's an exciting bit of news, which those of you who follow me on Twitter and Facebook will already know– I received my first acceptance letter of the year! My short story, Lost Sky, will be featured in the Mocha Memoirs Avast Ye Airships! anthology, which has a projected release date of March 1. I'm excited about this project for three reasons:

1. Well, it's an acceptance! What new author doesn't love to hear that word?
2. It's a prelude to a larger story (I'll explain below).
3. It could be a doorway to other exciting projects.

To peak your curiosity, the basic synopsis for Lost Sky is this:

When young engineer Claire loses her younger sister to the Hellions, the ruthless monsters that now control the skies, she seeks the help of a band of pirates to get her back... and take revenge on the ship dominating her world...

Lost Sky is the concept that spawned my Dark Sky trilogy. It's an idea I love– vampires, pirates, and steampunk– and have finally brought to life. I might be over thinking/dreaming big, but my hope is that more will be asked of the idea. When I received the email a few months ago from the anthology's editor expressing her interest, though hesitance to say yes as she didn't know what the other submissions would be like, I took that as a positive sign. No matter what, someone was interested in my idea and wanted to see it formed. So I started writing Crimson Sky in the hopes that if I was rejected, I could still have something to offer. It's a gamble I'm willing to take, because Crimson Sky has been an epic adventure and I can't wait to start the sequel.

Am I perhaps being a little cocky? Yes. I won't deny that. But really, what's the worst that can happen? If nothing happens via a larger publisher, I'll still find a way to get the story out there on my own. I was recently given a link to try Kindle Scout, which will be tricky since I'm Canadian. But for now, I'm content with the possibilities. After all, it never hurts to ask.


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