Monday, 8 December 2014

Weekly Recap

Okay, so I nearly got my list done:

• Complete Areios Brothers 3 edits
• Complete Blood Moon 8 edits
• Submit Cursed and Path of the Horseman to editor/complete formatting
• Rethink/re-write open to Hollow Hill

While I wait for my cover art and first round of edits to be returned for Path of the Horseman, here's what I'm going to try and accomplish this week:

• Rethink/re-write open to Hollow Hill
• Continue Areios Brothers 4/Dark Fury
• Plan Blood Moon 9

On Sunday, I also participated in WeWriWa or the #8sunday challenge, posting eight sentences from Dark Fury, my current WIP. Kinda struggling with the opening right now, though I'm really looking forward to the story and want to see how it turns out. Right now it's in pieces– I've got the ending, the big twist/middle, and some other important bits... but the beginning... Ugh, I'm fighting to get out of it so I can get my groove back. Maybe not the smartest thing, but I want to move on. I can read over it later and change what I need to change. If you're still curious to see what I came up with, you can do so on my blog here. Bear in mind that it could change, but I would say that Derek and Liam won't be hitting shelves any time soon. No need for spoilers if things change, right?

And in case you were writing, I'm working on a series that could change at the drop of a hat because I love it. Seriously, the Areios Brothers is bliss for me. Aside from occasional bouts like this, I don't really struggle with it. Everything flows naturally, and I love each aspect of my story. If I have to change it, I won't protest too much. The more I can add to it, the more fun I'll have.

Hope everyone has a great week! It's warming up here in Western Canada, which means that for a couple days, the bulky winter jacket and ugly boots can go away, and the leather motorcycle jacket and favorite knee-high combat boots are coming back out!


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