Monday, 22 December 2014

Weekly Recap And Vacation Notice

Wow, hard to believe there are just two more days until Christmas! Last week I took it easy and accomplished both of my goals:

• Decide what to bring to Jasper for writing/planning
• Continue Crimson Sky

This holiday season, I'm going to vacation with my family. We're returning on Boxing Day, so there won't be a Thursday post. While I'm going to be immersed in holiday fires, food, skating, and snow, I'll be doing as much work as I can on my limited down time. That will include:

• Re-write/re-plan Areios Brothers series
• Continue Crimson Sky
• Plan storyline for next Blood Moon installment

I've also got some updates regarding previous and future work. I joined a self-publishing site called Tablo that uploads stories to Amazon and iTunes for free. My novella Needfire is currently posted there, though still in the reviewing process. The site looks good so my hopes are high as far as reach and sales. I also sent Needfire out for review via A Book A Day. My favorite scene will be posted on Feb 15 as part of a Sunday Scene post, and I don't have a date for the actual review, but I think this is a good start.

In closing, I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday season! I'm really excited about this vacation and can't wait to relax. Merry Christmas! 


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