Sunday, 21 December 2014

Sunday Snippet

Back again for #8sunday courtesy of WeWriWa! It's another, later scene from the first novel in my latest upcoming Dark Sky trilogy, Crimson Sky. In this scene, my main character, Claire, is watching a fight with her new allies as they lose a battle against a group of savage humans.


         I could have left them. I had the parts I needed for the power core. I could go back to the Port and rebuild the engine, then look for another crew, even if that meant taking a trip to the Barren. I shouldn’t have been willing to risk my life for a trio of pirates who would throw me away the moment I’d served my purpose.
         But even as the thought crossed my mind, I knew I wouldn’t give into it. Sawyer and his crew had agreed to help me. He’d kept me out of this fight with Briggs. Abandoning him, Nash, and Gemma to that monster wasn’t just wrong– it was cruel.


This scene has changed a couple times. At first, my goal was to have everyone captured, Claire included. But as I wrote it, I realized that I didn't have an effective way for Claire to escape. Oh, I would have found a way– it would have been a moment of desperation and luck. But then I remembered that that's not the way I want to write Claire. She's sneaky and smart, not really a fighter but definitely good at stealth. Also, her skills as an engineer become vitally important later in the series, so it makes sense for her to use them to rescue her swashbuckling allies.

Thanks to a suggestion from a new friend, I have a pretty explosive plan in mind. So while I'm not looking forward to re-writing a fight scene and the opening of another chapter (something I usually never, ever do until the entire first draft is complete), I'm willing to make the change. The story will be all the better for it, and I can't wait to write out what happens next.


P.S.: Remember to check out the other author blogs on the WeWriWa site or by searching #8sunday on Twitter. There's tons of talent on this page, and everyone deserves to be recognized for their hard work!

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