Sunday, 30 November 2014

Monthly Goals: December aka Editing Month

As some of you may know, I completely conquered NaNoWriMo 2014 with my upcoming novel, Path of the Horseman. Despite my word count, it was a challenge to create a consistent novel that I was proud of an excited to write. There were ups and downs, changes and uncertainties, and a dreaded period of writers block. But I had a lot of fun, so much that I posted two excerpts on my blog, here and here. With the month is drawing to a close, I'm ready to take it to the next phase... *cue dramatic music* ... The Editing Phase.

I still need a breather from that massive project, and will be working on the edits for Faithless Hunt, my third Areios Brothers novel. Since I'm going back to Hollow Hill and changing things around to try submitting it to publishers and agents. Yes, I've finally, finally, finally made up my mind about how I will continue to pursue my career– As a hybrid author. I love writing, and I have so many projects I want to accomplish, and while I would love to see every story I create on the shelves of a bookstore, I know that won't happen. I'm comfortable enough putting certain stories out on the indie market, though larger projects like the Areios Brothers will still be sent to publishers.

Also in the line for editing is my Cursed trilogy. I'll be getting into contact with my editor soon and having her help me create a more solid frame for this trilogy. I've actually posted Cursed: Demon's Daughter on Figment for review purposes, and had someone comment on how much they adored it! Not only that, a few weeks ago, that same person contacted me hoping for news on the sequel! Looks like Constance and Dro have a fan!

I've also been re-starting my Blood Moon series, so you can expect more of those shorts to be on the blog soon. I've already completed the next story and just need a couple reviews on it, though in December, they'll likely be the only new stories I write unless a submission call comes up. I'm waiting for the requirements for a pair of upcoming anthologies from April Moon Books, the publisher that will soon be releasing my short story Bring Back The Hound for their Stomping Grounds anthology, and who gifted me with an Editors Award for Dark Intentions And Blood, my short in their hilarious and twisted AMOK! anthology. Seriously, if you haven't checked that book out, you should do so, and I'm not just saying that to boast. There are dozens of other outrageously entertaining stories in the collection, and it's absolutely worth your time and money.

The last thing I'll be planning to do is receive some covers. I'm still learning how that process works, and it's not easy to find an illustrator within my price range. Still, I have someone working on Path of the Horseman's cover, and may have another to contact about the Cursed covers. Yup, lots going on in this little writer's life! But after a month of creating new words, it will be nice to go back to refining what I've worked so hard to create. I'm sure there will be frustrations and grumblings, but that's why it's called "work," right?

Congratulations to any other NaNoWriMo writers. Remember that no what your word count was, if you reached it or not, you're still a winner. It's not easy writing a novel, and the fact that you took on the challenge means you need to treat yourself come December. Personally, I'm going out for a huge, unhealthy burger and a chocolate milkshake. Yes Canadians, I'm willing to trudge through the snow for an overdose of sodium, cholesterol, and fatty sugars.

Hope everyone has a great month and stays warm!


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