Thursday, 16 October 2014

Vacation Time!

My parents have a brilliant idea every year: Just as it starts to get cold in Canada, take a vacation to Las Vegas. I never argue this logic. I'm triply excited to go back this year, not just because there are a lot of new restaurants and shops I want to try, or because I get to see the Grand Canyon for the first time, but also because Vegas is the setting of my NaNo novel. Considering I'm still working on angles for the plot, I'm hoping Sin City will inspire me with its uniqueness and insanity.

I'll be gone for a week so don't expect any blog posts until I get back, though I will be working on edits of Cursed and testing out story lines for other work. I'm also going to be reading the rest of the AMOK! anthology, since it's a long road trip to the Grand Canyon. If you wish to see photos of my time in Vegas, remember you can follow me on Instagram. I hope everyone has a great seven days! I know I will!



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